Bolivia Budget

As I'm the spreadsheet guy in the family, it falls to me to write the budget posts for each country. Jordan keeps track of what we're spending each day, but it is up to me to do all the fancy spreadsheet fun. That said, here is the budget post for Bolivia.... 16 days late. I've had trouble motivating myself to write in the last few weeks, so I'm a bit behind.

Bolvia is the cheapest and poorest country in South America. That means we had our cheapest day yet on the trip in Bolivia. In Sucre on we spent only $31.68 on September 7th. Despite that, we spent more per day in Bolivia than in any other country, a whopping $104.26 per day, on average. Why so much? Well we only spent 28 days in Bolivia, and we spent 9 days of that (a full third of our stay) on tours.

We aren't big fans of tours, they're expensive, people get in your photos, and you can't always control the pace of things. That said, it is pretty hard to visit the Amazon jungle (and pampas) or Salar de Uyuni any other way. These tours were absolutely worth their cost, but really drove up our average for the country. On days that weren't on tours, we were well below our $80/day target.

So there you have it. Next up (and we've already been here for half a month) is Chile, which is supposed to be very expensive (SPOILER: it is). We'll see how we fare there.