First strange bathroom encounter


I've heard horror stories from other travelers about the adventures of foreign bathrooms. So far, we have been lucky. Most restrooms we have gone to have been relatively clean and normal looking. McDonald's has some of the cleanest public restrooms around in my opinion, and the same holds true here. I am still getting used to having to throw away my used toilet paper in the garbage instead of tossing it in the toilet (they clog easily), but other than that... it's business as usual. Until yesterday. I was in the most immaculate bathroom I've seen since arriving in Bogota. Everything seemed normal, except I couldn't find the toilet paper in my stall. I looked in the stall next to me: nothing. In fact, I didn't even see a logical place to put a roll of toilet paper anywhere. "Oh well," I thought to myself. "I'm sure I will come across much worse soon." I washed my hands and started to leave. Imagine my surprise as I found hidden toilet paper. There was one shared dispenser mounted to the wall near the door. So strange.

Update: I have started carrying my own toilet paper, as places have begun to charge for the privilege of wiping my ass.