Firsts from Colombia


This is just a quick post for some of the cool stuff we've seen so far in Colombia. Both Jordan and I didn't sleep so well last night and I'm feel a bit ill with sinus congestion. We're going to take it easy today, we've got a visit to the rose farm scheduled for tomorrow.

Be sure to check out all of our photos from today by clicking the link for flickr set at the bottom of the post.

Today we went to "El Museo del Oro" which is the Gold Museum and one of the popular sites here in Bogota. We saw some amazing golden artifacts. There were also a bunch of school children in different groups touring the museum, they were rather amused at my presence. We had a number of them stare and a couple even came over to say "hi" which was the extent of the english that they spoke.

We also enjoyed some Empenada Pollo and Almojobana de Queso (cheese filled sweet bun) for lunch.

At the beginning of the flickr set you'll see our room (which is pretty nice for $30/night) and our view of the Bogota skyline at night.

Click here to see all of our photos from Colombia