No Joe!

Can I start off by saying that I went to GI Joe expecting things to explode. I'm not expecting intellectual stimulation, acting prowess, or a scintillating story line. Unlike many others I thought that Transformers 2 was a decent movie. It gave me what I was looking for (plus a little extra a la Megan Fox). The acting there wasn't superb, or even good, however it entertained me, which is why I go to movies.

That being said, GI Joe sucked. Royally.

Each and every member of the cast delivers a stunningly bad performance in this movie. The poor line readings combined with the even poorer lines resulted in a production that made me uncomfotable in the theater. Have you ever been in conversation with a group of people and had someone say something that just makes you feel bad for them? If not, I recommend the movie, you'll get plenty of it.

<goodstuffaboutthemovie>Sienna Miller is hot</goodstuffaboutthemovie>

The action sequences are exciting and do capture the attention, however I kept finding myself wondering why the guys in the bionic suits that can leap over cars and through moving trains while dodging 6 rockets fired from the vehicle the are in pursuit of could not manage to CATCH said vehicle. It does finally become clear that all of the augmented reality computer mumbo jumbo blocking Channing Tatum's boyish good looks is what turns out to be the problem.

Don't see this movie, just don't.

P.S. I won't ruin the 'plot twist' at the end of the movie, it was about as painful as watching HER BROTHER IS THE BAD GUY HE DIDN'T REALLY DIE LIKE THEY SHOW IN THE FLASHBACK