Monday felt like Friday. Jordan had the day off and I wrapped things up at FTD with a feeling that tomorrow held no schedule, no work, and a road trip. We headed out to dinner. Tomorrow must be Saturday. I was immediately reminded of "A Map for Saturday", a documentary that we watched countless times and have shown to many friends. In the documentary, a similar feeling is discussed, this isn't quite a vacation. Vacations are an event, with hotels, planes, amusement parks, natural wonders, and a knowing feeling that, on Monday, you'll head back to work.

On Monday, I said goodbye to dozens of people and had ice cream cake (thanks everyone!), but really it felt like just another day. As I left work, sans laptop and blackberry, it began to dawn on me, I was finally finished. There was an odd juxtaposition, a sense of finality for me, but for everyone else, it was just another Monday and everything just kept… going.

We spent our first "Saturday" leaving Chicago behind, bound for beautiful Toledo, OH to visit my brother Marcus (picture to the right) before we leave the country. After lunch we continued onward to Zanesville, OH where we'll be spending the next 10 days.

What about tomorrow? It's Saturday all over again.