I have an app installed on my iPhone called Shazam, it made news when it debuted some 2 years (or more?) ago. Basically, you hit a button in the app and it beings recording audio. In a store and want to know what that song is? QUICK SHAZAM! Holy sweet mother of 1990's I REMEMBER THIS SONG - wait what was it called again? SHAZAM!

We don't really use it all that often, but I was looking through it today and thought it would make an amusing listen for our readers (or lack thereof).

There is likely a more effective method of linking these.. I'll work on that, but for the time being, here they are. Don't laugh too hard.

P.S. Two One of the songs I couldn't find right away in some free - legal - streameable - format I'll add them if I find them it somewhere

EDIT: Post redone with a less annoying method for linking the songs woo!

EDIT 2016: Yea those things are long gone, removed broken links and fixed a typo.