Now that the house is under contract, we’ve hammered out a tentative timeline for the rest of our time in Illinois. For a few days, my head would spin just thinking about it. For whatever reason, I tried to avoid having a conversation about it. Eventually, we had to sit down and talk about it objectively and I feel better having some dates in mind. March 13: Move. Most likely into a long term stay hotel. March 16: Close on the house March 19: Daniel gives 4 week notice at work April 13: Jordan gives 2 week notice at work April 28: Jordan runs Illinois marathon

May 14: Last day of work for both of us

…wait… what? Yes, you read it right, I registered for another marathon. Before we went under contract, I was throwing around the idea of a spring marathon. With everything trip related so up in the air, I wanted to have something productive to focus on. I like the consistency of following a training program. I still have the lingering goal of breaking 4 hours after coming so close in Columbus last fall. There are several people from my running club who are doing it. All of these reasons, coupled with some peer pressure on a Sunday GER run, gave me the push I needed to register. Once we started going over our tentative timeline, the marathon fit perfectly. Having my running as an outlet while everything I know is changing should help me keep my sanity during this crazy time.

Of course, the timeline is only a guide. Depending on Daniel’s work review, how his job takes the news, if the house actually closes on time, finances, and about a million other things between now and then… the dates may change. But for now, it feels good to have a plan for the next few months.