Times they are A-changin'

After over six months of blogging about nearly every single city we've visited, it's time for a change. We are getting to the point where we dread writing up posts and feel bad about being too far behind on pictures. It also feels weird that we're still not finished writing about Antarctica, when it seems like it happened ages ago already. We've since rented an apartment for a week in Buenos Aires, flown via Madrid to Rome, then travelled by train from Rome to Florence and Lucca, Italy. Since reaching Europe, we've started travelling more quickly. And frankly, we're a little burned on the blogging and feel like our posts are starting to get monotonous. With that being said, have no fear! We don't plan to stop writing altogether. We will probably reduce the frequency to twice a week or so, and stop posting the nitty gritty details of every place we visit. Instead, we may tell a story. We may do a country wrap-up, a budget analysis (but probably not since we're failing miserably in this area), or we may just spew some random thoughts. Hopefully this change will result in us being reinvigorated in our writing and in better posts for everyone to read. We also plan to continue uploading all of our photos to our flickr page. We will, of course, keep eating and taking pictures of ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream... I have an announcement to make. It may result in me getting stones cast my way, dirty looks, or a general "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM, WOMAN?!"-type reaction. It is certainly not a popular opinoin, so you have been duly warned. Try to contain your gasps. Here goes...

...the gelato in Italy is not the best ice cream I have ever had in my life.

There. I said it. I've tried it several times (in Rome, Florence, and Lucca). I've had chocolate, "cookies", strawberry, kiwi, and even sesame (this was a strange grey colored ice cream). I've visited gelato shops in both touristy areas and tucked into residential neighborhoods where nobody speaks a word of English. I've tried it in a cone, on top of a waffle, drizzled with nutella, and topped with whipped cream.

Don't get me wrong, it is delicious... I haven't COMPLETELY lost my mind. It is better in Italy than all the ice cream I've eaten before... until Argentina. In my likely unpopular opinion, Bariloche, Argentina wins the award for best ice cream so far. Because I expected to have the most out of this world, orgasmic ice cream experience imaginable, and I've had what I consider to better, I'm a little underwhelmed by Italy's famed gelato. I am also disappointed in the cone quality... how can you put tasty ice cream in a "meh" cone? It is a crime. In the end, it's just really tasty ice cream. Argentina had a wider flavor selection, similar quality, and superior cones. Also, I have never heard anyone rave about Argentina's ice cream, so it was SUCH a pleasant surprise. Perhaps people don't rave about Argentinian ice cream because they just don't visit?

...And there you have it! We are hanging out in Lucca for a few more days before heading off to Bologna and then Venice. I look forward to continuing to stuff my face through the rest of Italy. Ciao!