glendale lakes is now $25 richer...

I have a love-hate relationship with our HOA that has recently turned to hate-hate. They have a laundry list of rules that make sense, AKA don't park in the visitor parking and turn your christmas lights off no later than a month after the holiday. We happen to have visitor parking directly across the street from our driveway. Apparently my car was parked there for an hour last week while we were rearranging (so daniel could get out of the garage to go to work w/o me blocking him in) and we recieved a notice sent certified mail that we were being fined $25.

I would like to send them a letter saying that I would like to be reimbursed my $25 since the christmas lights were not taken down until LAST WEEK at the entrance of the subdivision, despite the 3 letters they sent to the residents saying that all lights had to be down by Jan25 or there would be fines.

I have the option to request a "hearing" to contest the fine.... I am tempted. And I am also wondering who is policing my car since we got a notice about this once several months ago and, the car was parked over there while we were moving a table into the house. as in, maybe 15 minutes at most? Ugh. I wish they would just walk up to me and ask me to move my car instead of being total wussies and putting a letter in my mailbox. man up, glendale lakes.