Mailtime, etc

For a few years now, Daniel has been getting weird magazines in the mail. I'm not talking "current resident" magazines that are blindly sent out to everyone. I'm talking someone signed him up to get weekly Women's Day. We have tried to narrow it down, and and we used to have a list of suspects. Today, Daniel checked the mail. It was a plethora of important things. Legal notice that we have to take Daniel's car in for an emissions test (guess its time to get that oil leak fixed), credit card bill (a cheap one this month), notice reminding me that i need to renew my pharmacy technician license or I am no longer allowed to work (um, no?) and.... pottery barn kids, easter edition. I got the stink eye for a second as he accused me of signing myself up for it. He flipped it over to find that it was addressed to him. lol. I swear I'm not signing him up for these ridiculous things, so for the sake of my marriage would the culprit please fess up? Thanks.

On a completely unrelated note, my cleaning lady (or should I say crew? there were 3 of them) started yesterday. I think that every-other-tuesday is going to be my favorite day ever. The house still smells like eucalyptus and is immaculate. I was going to stay home while they cleaned the first time, but when they started strapping on their kneepads and bringing in ladders, i knew they meant business so I went for a nice 5 mile run.

Does anyone have any good, semihealthy, preferably vegetarian crockpot recipes to share? I am pretty stuck on the ministroneish soup and veggie chili kick i have been on but would like to mix it up. Nothing too goopy please!