From James Fallows

For now, the significance of the vote is moving the United States FROM a system in which people can assume they will have health coverage IF they are old enough (Medicare), poor enough (Medicaid), fortunate enough (working for an employer that offers coverage, or able themselves to bear expenses), or in some other way specially positioned (veterans; elected officials)... TOWARD a system in which people can assume they will have health-care coverage. Period.

This bill almost inevitably means higher taxes for me in the future, and not at all in a nominal way. That said, I believe the above statement to be true and I believe that to be right. I don't think that this will fix all (or even most) of what I consider fundamental problems with the healthcare industry as a whole but it will force the industry to change. They will be making less margin on more customers, meaning a focus on optimization of systems to increase that margin. Better technology, more efficient systems, and hopefully better oversite of an industry that plays with our lives, literally.